A Little More on Bakkavor

Published on: 15 Jul 2016

BakkavorIf you are thinking about taking a position within the food industry, you might just come across Bakkavor, a huge company within the UK food business sector. They also operate worldwide, so whether you are looking for international food jobs or something closer to home, they are worth consideration. 

Prepare yourself for an interview, or make up your mind on whether you want to apply for a job with Bakkavor, by learning a little bit more about the company here.


To say that Bakkavor are a big deal is to put things lightly. This company is an international fresh prepared foods manufacturer, and they operate on an international basis, with their main base of operations in the UK. They have almost 19,000 employees in total, with 52 operating facilities in their current line-up. That means a lot of places to work for them, and a lot of opportunities within each facility.

As for what they do, it’s hard to narrow it down because they do so much. They have 18 different categories in which they work, manufacturing food products in each of them. 16 chilled market categories in the UK alone give them a distinct advantage over the competition – they are market leaders in 12 of those categories.

Where will you find their products? Just about anywhere you could imagine. Major grocery retailers around the world stock their items, and they also supply food service operators on an international scale. In other words, you Supermarket 2won’t go far without seeing a piece of food that has run through a Bakkavor factory or facility at some point or another. They create products for private labels, but you can often find their name in the manufacturing details on the label.

Their History

Originally a Scandinavian company, Bakkavor was first founded in Iceland in 1986. They spent the first ten years in business growing steadily, creating a customer base in Europe and becoming more established. This was also a time of expansion, building slowly towards the huge manufacturing scale that they boast today.

They spent another five years then acquiring other businesses in Europe, growing their customer base and also their product base by swallowing up existing enterprises. Though they originally worked with seafood, this part of the business was sold off in 2003 to give them more focus on fresh prepared foods. They acquired Geest PLC in 2005, in what was to be a transformational deal.

Between 2006 and 2008 another round of acquisitions moved forwards, this time further afield: not just European businesses, but also those from the US and Asia found themselves absorbed under the Bakkavor umbrella. They also moved to consolidate their position in the UK, putting together a platform which gave them more scope to supply a larger range and quantity of products. In 2009, they became a private limited company, delisting themselves from the Icelandic stock exchange to move forwards.

In 2012 they restructured and simplified the business, with a head office parent company in the UK, as well as some new ventures such as a nut-handling facility in Scotland. This was the first of its kind in the UK. Over more recent years they have consolidated their business further, selling off those areas which were under-performing and acquiring new investments to fill the gaps.

Their Jobs

So if you want to work for Bakkavor, what kind of jobs will you be looking for? Well, as they are such a large group, there is a huge range of opportunities on offer – many of them very diverse. But if you want to start from the bottom and work your way up, most likely you will be looking to take a job as an operative. Operatives normally work directly with the preparation of food products: whether that means packing them, preparing them for packing, operating machinery, or working by hand.

Operatives are required worldwide at their various facilities, and so are the supervisors and managers who ensure the smooth running of the whole process. You may be involved with training or quality assessment, and you may take on a role on the development side.

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