Jobs lost, then created at Young's seafood

Published on: 26 Apr 2018

SeafoodYoung’s Seafood have revealed that they are going to create 200 jobs in Grimsby – at the same time as up to 450 jobs may be lost at their site in Annan.

Their plans are to shut down their Annan site and move salmon production to their existing site in Grimsby, representing a major reshuffle for the firm.

Recruitment booming

It looks like a good season to be looking for work in Grimsby, as the company have stated that the change in salmon production would create 200 new food jobs in the area.

They have won three new contracts with Marks & Spencer, which will allow them to finance the move and focus their efforts on the more profitable salmon production. The deal will see them supplying chilled and frozen coated fish, white fish, and natural salmon from 2018 through to 2023. It appears that they have stolen at least part of these contracts from the ailing 2 Sisters group, who have been forced to consider closing their own fish production plant.

They have stated that they will give preference to employees from the closing Pinneys site when recruiting for new roles – however, the distance between the two sites may mean it is not feasible for all employees to take up this offer.

Chief executive Bill Showalter said: “Today’s proposals to close our Young’s Pinneys site does not reflect on the committed and skilled teams at Young’s Pinneys – they are a credit to our company and if these proposals do go ahead, we will work hard to maintain the employment of all colleagues throughout this transition. We have a long history of seafood production in Annan and, whatever the outcome of the consultation, we will continue to be a part of the community, given our other factory site within the town.”

They will also be undergoing food recruitment for up to 50 roles at their Annan scampi factory to support growth there. It is perhaps hoped that some of those losing their employment at the Pinneys site will be able to move across and transfer their skills, rather than having to look elsewhere.

Loss of work

However, the picture is not so rosy for the 450 staff who will be losing their jobs at the Pinneys site in Annan. They have decided that the plant is no longer financially sustainable, and they will be dropping their deli and meals production lines in order to focus on those which are working better.

BoatThere will be a formal consultation with staff and representatives, once said representatives have been elected from amongst the employee body. They will be discussing options with the management team. This may not come as any consolation to the employees who are unable to relocate to Grimsby or are not selected for work at the scampi site.

It is a big change, and represents a huge change for the company as they downsize by around 200 employees. The exit from the deli and meals business will also create a change in their profits, though of course the hope is that this loss-making cut will actually shore profits up.

There may also be stiff competition for the roles, as the 2 Sisters site in Grimsby is close enough to the new Young’s jobs as to provide a wealth of experienced workers who are now in need of employment again. Once all of the considerations have been worked out on both sides, there are likely to be a lot of confused and anxious people who are out of a job and looking for a new one in both areas.