#bigresignation - it's a thing

Published on: 2 Sep 2021

#bigresignation is a thing – it's a movement – and it is here and live in UK plc.

People in their droves are resigning sometimes on mass saying “enough is enough”, “I want my life back” or simply, they resent "being summarily forced back into an office”.

The number of resignations is up 11% month on month according to figures gathered from Yourfoodjob and its online audience, but many are not following the traditional path of joining another business seamlessly – many are moving on, taking a different view of what life needs to offer and have no job to go to.

So what?

When the largest own label manufacturing group in the UK is openly stating they will need to restructure their business, as they don’t believe they will ever fill 10% of their current vacancies, we know there is an issue.

You only have to look at LinkedIn, Twitter even Tiktok to see the numbers, the reasons and the desire many have for a new path – a new purpose.

Inevitably some will recalibrate and realise a salary is often fundamental and will drift back. Though many will only reengage if the opportunity is different or the business is….

Yourfoodjob has seen a rapid increase in job roles in the last few months with many advertisers reporting excellent responses and filling jobs. There are others though with zero response, or who have been looking for months and have not found the answer.

Looking at the food industry specifically, I’m sure those with knowledge will understand that in reality there are those companies out there that have dreadful reputations and struggle to recruit and retain staff. Worried? They should be – but there is something almost masochistic about some leaders in the sector who think paying minimum wage, offering little development and presenting an environment which is at best is horrid, who still persevere with their leadership style and wonder why they can’t recruit and keep their teams.

We think we should celebrate those who have made the #bigresignation a movement – we wish you well for the rest of your careers, whatever that may look like.

We also celebrate those employers who continue to see people as their biggest asset – treat them with respect and see them flourish. 

Will the #bigresignation be as fleeting as the summer weather- or is it here to stay?