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About Emmett Ltd

Emmett is a privately owned farming business that grows vegetables, salads and flowers for Tesco and Waitrose. Using expertise and experience we aim to generate the best supply chains for all our products.

We grow more than 95% of the products we sell. With farms in Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Wales and Spain that deliver a mix of soil types and climates helps ensure continuity and consistancy of our products.

Emmett have a large workforce with teams in many different locations. Our values help us to be consistent in what we do and how we do it.

- Be driven by the people who eat our products

- Make health and safety a priority in everything we do

- Enjoy striving to be first and best for customers

- Build, train and retain a great team of people

- Deliver excellent quality at the lowest cost

- Farm the right products in the right places

- Treat all people as we wish to be treated

- Always keep things simple and operate with pace

- Understand, respect and preserve our environment

- Avoid doing business with people we dislike

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